Uric Acid Meter

Uric Acid Meter If you wake up one day and suddenly can’t walk and your big toe is throbbing you may have gout. Gout is an insidious form of arthritis that affects millions of people. The buildup of high uric acid levels in your blood stream can cause crystals to form in your joints which can inflame and damage you joints.  Naturally you should seek medical advice to determine the possible cause of your problem.  If Gout is suspected you will likely be tested for uric acid levels. The test for uric acid is a simple blood test with a sample usually taken from the vein.  Another method of testing for uric acid is to take a sample of capillary blood which is usually done with a lancet that is used to prick your finger.  This type of sample can be administered to a uric acid test strip which is inserted into a uric acid test meter. Uric acid test meters are now available for people who want to test for uric acid in the privacy of their own homes. They are relatively inexpensive medical devices which can be found for sale on the internet. Most of the uric acid meters are sold and shipped from the UK or South Africa or the Philippines but now they are being offered from a US company from their website simple called homeuricacidtest.com.  The advantage of these devices is obvious.  Yu don’t need to see a doctor to order a lab test.  You don’t have to leave your home or make appointments with a laboratory. You can know your results anytime of the day, whenever you want to know your uric acid levels. You can test as often as you like and like a diabetic who checks for glucose levels the gout sufferer can test for uric acid levels to determine what medicines to take and when.  There are several medications on the market for lowering ones uric acid levels.  Allopurinol is the old standby medication and recently the FDA has approved a new drug marketed as Uloric by the drug maker Takeda. Colchicine is often prescribed to help reduce the pain associated with the gout flare-up.  
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